Word Painting with Poetry
Word Paintingwith Poetry

Word Painting

by Janet Cameron Hoult 2008 


Some words are heavy, some have wings

Some make you think of many things

Some can help your mind to soar

Others dash you to the floor.


Words with syllables and letters

Can often keep your mind in fetters

"Which word fits here? Is this one right?"

It can become a mental fight.


Bound by rules and strictest diction

To work a rhyme can cause much friction

By shaking off the hard fast rule

The poet is genius or fool.


Words that the poet finds

Paint clearer pictures in our minds

Word choice makes mental pictures lush

Words are the paint, the poet the brush.



Dr. Janet Cameron Hoult, professor emerita at California State University, Los Angeles,

 is a well known author located in Culver City, California, where she is the
Artist Laureate for Poetry.


Janet's recent work includes these award winning poetry books:

BODY PARTS A Collection of Poems About Aging,

BODY LANGUAGE Another Collection of Poems About Aging and

WHERE DID THE SUN GO? Myths and Legends Around the World Told with Poetry and Puppetry


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