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Blank Paper 3

by Janet Cameron Hoult 2008


If I stare at the blank paper long enough,

I can see colors and patterns

that drag my mind in wild directions.

Which one shall I take?


Whatever I decide to focus on

will shift over time

as I play with it...

rolling the words around in my mind,

tasting the mix I have concocted.


Coaxing texture and subtle shading

out of the words and phrases -

ensuring that the colors and patterns

of my work are pleasing

to the eye and the ear

and that they leave a delicious flavor

in the mind, the heart and the soul,

so the reader will ask for more.




Body Parts - A Collection of Poems about Aging

OutskirtsPress.com/bodyparts        fdjakfldjsafksdl 


Body Language - Another Collection of Poems about Aging



Where Did the Sun Go? Myths and Legends of Solar Eclipses Around the World Told with Poetry and Puppetry




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September 9, 2017
Mayme Clayton Library and Museum
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