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Culver City 2017 Centennial poetry Readings & Poetry Contest

The contest was open to all Culver City residents, students who attend Culver City schools, members of the Culver City Historical Society, members of the Culver City Senior Citizens Center, active members of Culver City civic organizations and people who are employed by businesses in Culver City.


As a celebration of Culver City’s Centennial in 2017, the themes of the poetry readings and the Centennial Contest focused on Culver City’s history.  A historical timeline was prepared by our Culver City Historian, Julie Lugo Cerra, on the Historical Society’ s website www.CulverCityHistoricalSociety.org. Look over the list, perhaps pay a visit to a place within Culver City and see what appeals to your poetic senses..!


Poems read at our readings in October 2016 and in the Spring in 2017, were included in the judging for the final reading and contest awards in September 2017, but the only criteria for the initial readings was that the poems focused on Culver City.



Culver City Historical Society

Culver City Centennial Website


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